Delta Force attack regrettable, we are sorry it happened – NPP

April 10, 2017

The Acting National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) says the recent attacks by the Kumasi-based vigilante group affiliated to the governing party are regrettable and unfortunate.

Freddie Blay apologised on behalf of the party that some of its loyal members have taken to such an action in showing their dissension with a decision taken by the President.

“We are sorry that some members of our party no matter what they call themselves engaged in what the Delta Forces got involved in. To anyone or institutions, the judiciary especially, who might have been affected, we are sorry,” he said.  

Speaking to Evans Mensah on Joy FM’s Ghana Connect programme on Friday, he said, “we condemned what happened on Thursday, it is regrettable and we asked all loyal members involved to give themselves up to the law.”

“What happened should not be encouraged and we are sorry that it has happened. We are hoping it will not be repeated anyway,” he said.

The Delta Force group attacked the Kumasi circuit court on Thursday and set free 13 of its members who were facing prosecution for acts of vandalism.

The attack, captured on video showed the group, numbering about 50, besieging the Kumasi Circuit court premises chanting.

They broke into the court and freed their members who had only weeks ago chased out the Regional Security Coordinator appointed by the president.

This was after the judge had announced that the suspects were going to be remanded for two weeks pending further investigation, a move that did not go down well with the members of the vigilante group who were on the court premises.

In anger, they charged at the judge and demanded the immediate release of the suspects, an act that has widely been condemned across the country.

Mr Blay said it is disheartening to see that those involved are loyal members of the NPP who have worked for the party at different times which is appreciated but their acts cannot be condoned.

He was emphatic that helping the party in or out of power in whatever capacity does not warrant anyone misbehaving or acting otherwise as the NPP will not countenance any such act from any member. 

On the question of disbanding vigilante groups affiliated to the party, he said, "the party has not deliberately gone to gather people and label them Delta Forces or Invincible Forces...we can't say that nobody should belong to any organisation since we did not form it."

He explained that they are members from various constituencies and polling stations who come in to help during events like rallies to maintain discipline. 

Mr Blay charges those in charge of security and maintaining order to take whoever on irrespective of their affiliation. 


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