NPP Surrogates And Their Naked Hatred For Charlotte Osei Seems To Be Getting Over Board - Edem Agbana

April 25, 2017


Mr. Eric Edem Agbana, a youth activist and a philanthropist has taken to social media to launch a scatting attack on some surrogates of the ruling NPP who are kicking against the nomination of Mrs. Charlotte Osei, Chairperson of the electoral commission of Ghana by UK Think Thank Chatham House, below is what Mr. Agbana wrote…..


Indeed, if you see a pregnant goat in the market, it means there is a pregnant problem at Home. The name CHARLOTTE OSEI seems to be giving some people diarrhea.

I simply do not understand the inherent hatred for the EC boss, Charlotte Osei.


Her appointment was met with fierce resistance; she never had a peace of mind prior to the general elections. Very Unprintable words have been used against her & a plethora of accusations leveled against her person. 


Despite all of these, she successfully led her team to organize one of the most peaceful & incident free general elections ever on the continent. 


An international organization recognized her efforts & nominated her for an award and it appears as if some people are having sleepless nights over her nomination. 


Last week, it was a group of Ghanaians in the UK who released a 'nonfa' statement asking the organizers not to award her because in their hatred-inflamed myopic observation, she does not deserve the said award.


 I thought it was a kind of joke from people who may be just wanted attention but shockingly, the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) too is holding a Press Conference tomorrow to tell the world why Charlotte Osei does not deserve the award. 


This is the extent to which some people are ready to go to show hatred to a woman who is an inspiration to many young ladies.


In other parts of the world, Civil Society Organizations would have been encouraging the organizers to award her because the award is an endorsement of our democratic credentials but here we are busily organizing to destroy her. 


If this is Not Witchcraft, I don't know what else it is... Go ahead with the Press Conference; Let the Organiser's disqualify her from the award scheme. Her disqualification will make your own lives better..


Some people in this town must wake up to the FACT that NOTHING CAN DIM THE LIGHT THAT SHINES FROM WITHIN.



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August 26, 2020

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