Akufo-Addo Outdoors Customised $150,000 BENZ CARS

May 1, 2017


President Akufo Addo has outdoored three brand new Benz sedan vehicles from the ordered consignment that arrived. The President rode in one of the customised $150,000 priced vehicles as 2 others were part of his convoy to the "60th May Day Celebration."

Reports suggest the President was growing impatient over delay in the delivery of the vehicles as it seemed he needed them more than the "bread and butter" issues for which the people entrusted power in his hands.


This procurement action is the height of contradictions of the consistent claims by the Akufo Addo regime of a ban on the purchase of new vehicles by the government.

Flying in the face of the supposed ban was a govt decision of procurement of vehicles for Council of State members and the Ministry of Fisheries among others.

The decision of the Akufo Addo led govt to buy these new and very expensive benz cars for use, some political scene watchers say was from a deliberate sympathy being sought from Ghanaians in consistent media claims against the previous govt of missing official cars and formation of storm groups harassing former officials for supposed missing cars. 


Curiously, this very expensive $150,000 priced Benz cars for use by President Akufo Addo were procured in an economy the NPP claimed has collapsed.
The action of the President also brings into question his campaign promise to protect the public purse as well as whether he is truly sensitive to the plight and needs of the people.

President John Mills in 2009 used vehicles bequeathed his administration by his predecessor. Prez John Mahama also continued to be modest by using less luxurious vehicles such as Toyota Camry and Avalon.

Prez Akufo Addo chose not to use any of those fairly new cars but wait on the order for fresh and luxurious $150,000 price Benz cars. Public sector workers for the first time in years are yet to receive April salary. 


Looking obvious this gov't won't meet its campaign promises; new nurses and midwives, new Graduate Teachers have threatened gov't with an action over non recruitment and unpaid salaries and arrears.

Also Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) has issued a statement damning the current govt over claims it restored trainee allowances.

The TTAG said it is prepared to throw its support behind a new gov't that will work in its interest. 

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