4,000 Oil Industry Workers Risk Losing Jobs

May 3, 2017

The Association of Oil Marketing Companies (AOMCs) has predicted that 4,000 workers in the oil industry will lose their jobs if government fail to take action on the illegalities pertaining in the sector.

The number is expected to rise significantly to include the indirect jobs due to the multiplying effect in the chain if the situation is not immediately curtailed.

Mr Kwaku Agyemang-Duah, speaking at a press conference organised by the Association of Oil Marketing Companies (AOMCs) gave the government 48 hours to ameliorate the situation.
He said the association believes that its regulators, security operatives and the governmental agencies know the culprits and must act without fear or ill-will.

“Our members are equally willing, determined and ready to collaborate with the government in this endeavour and this would be the best Private Public Partnership legacy we expect our government to leave for the business community as the people of Ghana,” he noted.

He explained that association is anticipating these job losses because members, who are genuine operators, and have invested so much in constructing fuel stations, continue to pay huge taxes and levies to the state and have also employed a large number of Ghana’s workforce, are left to suffer as their sales volumes dwindle making them struggle to pay their debts to the banks.

He disclosed that some have begun folding up and laying off staff and if this continues, many more operators will fold up and many more will be laid off.

Mr Agyemang-Dual reiterated that illegal fuel trade and unregulated activities in the sector destroy legitimate businesses, cause unwarranted job losses and pose serious safety concerns and threat to national security.

He said not having requisite results from government on the phenomena means that the nation continues to lose, and OMCs will be gradually ebbing away, causing these massive job losses as well as making the state loss huge revenue.


Source: The Finder


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