Expect power in three hours - GRIDCO confirms 70% plunged in darkness

May 4, 2017

GRIDCO says at least 70% of country has been plunged into darkness confirming fears of a massive power outage Wednesday night.


CEO of GRIDco Ing. William Amuna told Joy News it is yet to ascertain the cause of the outage after spending the entire night in the company's control room.


"It was a surge. So we have to find out what caused the surge" he said.


He said the priority is to restore power to homes and businesses before any investigation into the cause can start. "We will come out with reasons later", he said.


In his preliminary assessment, the CEO suspects an act of God or a fault in power systems "There is a fault somewhere in the power system, most likely from one of the transmission lines, it could also be as a result of a lightening strike on the transmission line and we will have to determine that this morning"


The CEO promised, power should be available in three hours.


After more than three years of power crisis, power has been stable in 2017 but  the black-out would revive fears that Ghana's power problems may be far from over.


The engineer however ruled out, a demand overload as a possible cause of  the power outage. "... at the time of the outage, we had way more than enough generation" he said and indicated  2,088 MW was available to meet a 1,900MW demand.

He also explained why power cuts are experienced at even a slight change in weather as dark cloudy atmosphere.


Ing. William Amuna said GRIDco's protection systems take off power because lightening can cause surges in the power systems.


"If you don't [put off the power ] you are going to destroy your equipment" the CEO said.

In a reaction to the black-out on social media, one consumer called Wednesday night's outages as "the longest, continuous dumsor under the shortest President"


Source: Ghana|myjoyonline.com


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