I warned Adams about his safety a day before he died –NPP Nasara Coordinator

May 10, 2017

NPP Nasara Coordinator Kamal Deen Abdulai says at around 3pm Wednesday, he advised Adama Mahama to be “mindful of his security” but by midnight, Adams suffered a tragic acid attack May 21.


Speaking on the AM Show on Multi TV Friday Morning, he claimed, he passed on to Adams Mahama, information of impending danger.


He explains “as a brother when he [Adams Mahama] called me I didn’t mince words at all, I just told him this is a signal I have received”.

He said after cautioning him, he added that “above all be very prayerful.”

He disclosed the late Mahama promised to be careful.


But eight hours late, at midnight Wednesday, two assailants poured acid on Adams Mahama after he rolled down the windows of his car to hear the assailants after they stopped him.

“When that happened he moved straight because from there to the house is about 250 meters. He tried driving, struggling with the heat, to park, shouting”


According to NASARA coordinator, Mahama’s wife rushed out to help her horrified husband.

She also got injured while holding him because “the chemical was so powerful”. Neighbours at the SSNIT flat residence of Adams Mahama came around to convey Adams to the Bolgatanga hospital.


Hospitalized in the emergency unit of the hospital, he said Adams was talking to family, friends and police officers, NPP Nasara Coordinator Kamal Deen Abdulai related.


The NPP man relayed some of Adams reaction following the attack and added Adam knew his attackers.

“Oh is that what this person and that person has done to me? Maybe I will die but I don’t know what wil happen to them too” Adams reportedly said.

Adams Mahama died Thursday morning around 8am.


There was a scene of grief at the Bolgatanga government hospital following news of Adams Mahama's death.

Abdulai said Adams has always treated him as a younger brother.


“There was nothing he wanted that when told me, will not be done. I was very close to him..and all the others who were close to him, I was close to them”, Abdulai said.

He said the NPP in the Upper East had seen remarkable vibrancy since Adams Mahama was elected Upper East regional chairman.


“Hitherto when you go to the Upper East, you don’t even hear anything about the NPP that much. But ever since the man became a chairman of the party, trust me you could feel the vibrancy”, he analysed.

“We have lost a very huge pillar” the NPP Nasara Coordinator Kamal Deen Abdulai noted.


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