110 Ministers is a Burden on Ghanaians - Dzifa Bampoh

May 19, 2017

Joy FM’s Newsnite anchor, Dizfa Bampoh has defended her criticism of the president after appointing a record-breaking 110 ministers to his government.

She said she least expected President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to burden Ghanaians after he had painted a gloomy picture about the country’s economy.

She told Lexis Bill on Joy FM’s Personality Profile Thursday, she was enraged by the development, she took to social media to register her displeasure.

In a March 15 post on Facebook she wrote, “110 appointees? President Akufo-Addo but why?”

“You don’t have to reward people…you said you will ‘Protect the public purse.’ This is not how to protect the public purse by appointing 1100 Ministers and deputy ministers.”


 She said President Akufo-Addo will confirm the narrative in the public that “Politicians are all the same” if he continues on this tangent.


“You are the President don’t pander to be Mr Nice Guy to everyone. This was not acceptable for another party it is not acceptable for you and the NPP,” she concluded.

Some of her fans who commented under the post disagreed with her position on the President’s 110 appointees.

But the mother of two children told Lexi Bill, any disaffection she may have courted cannot outweigh her dissatisfaction with the President’s decision. "I was enraged."

“I am one of those few people who believe there is still some hope but there can only be hope if we try and do the right thing,” she said. Although she believed the President did not err with his appointment, she said she expected him to consider the economic situation of the country.


Source : myjoyonline


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