I’ll compel government to provide $2.2m bond details – Lawyer

May 27, 2017

The lawyer who requested for more details on the controversial $2.25 billion domestic bond issued by the government has said he will pursue the matter with other agencies to get the information he needs.

Victor Adawudu said, he is shocked the Attorney General could not provide him with the information when he requested in a letter addressed to her office.

The lawyer had exercised his right to information due to the scanty details provided by the Ministry of Finance on the bond.

But in a response to his letter, the Attorney General, Gloria Akufo said the information being requested were unavailable to her.

“I acknowledge receipt of your letter bearing reference number LL/17/26 and dated 4th May, 2017 on the above subject matter. Please be informed that the information being sought per your letter is not available to me and I am therefore unable to respond to the questions posed therein,” her written response said.

But according to Mr. Adawudu, the response was unsatisfactory. He contended that the AG could by virtue of her position, solicited the needed information on the bond from the Ministry or agency responsible.

“If the Attorney General, who is the government’s legal advisor, says she is not aware, they [Finance Ministry] should be aware. The Bank of Ghana should also be aware because it is a loan,” he said in Citi News interview.

In an interview on Eyewitness News on Friday, [May 26, 2017], Victor Adawudu said he was not discouraged by the AG’s response but was determined to further pursue it.

“The response of the AG encourages me the more. And tells me that something hasn’t gone right and I’ll probe further and push and get the information that will be for the benefit of me and especially that of the citizenry,” he said, “I’ll still request for the information. I’ll request from the Minister of Finance, the Bank of Ghana and if I like I’ll get to a different forum and compel them to release the information,” he added.


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