Captain Mahama’s murder was all planned - Military Capo

May 31, 2017

A military capo who spoke to Kumasi-based Abusua Fm on grounds of strict anonymity has revealed that the murder of Captain Maxwell Mahama of the 5th Infantry Battalion (5BN) was all planned by his assailants taking into account the chronology of events.

“Denkyira-Boase and Diaso will never know peace. We are not going to attack them but God in his own way will atone for the death of this soldier who was killed by the very people he went to protect. You can see that his lynching was well planned”, he disclosed.

According to him, the death of a soldier is no news when they die on battlefield but when a military officer is killed in the manner Captain Maxwell Mahama who was killed in his home country at a town he went to protect its folks, it makes the situation very annoying.

“We won’t fight them back because if we want to fight they cannot fight us. They have not only killed a soldier but they have killed the spirit of a soldier.

They accuse us of beating residents and not beating Chinese nationals engaging in galamsey and in revolt killed one of us like a fowl. Captain Mahama was a good man he could have killed dozens of them with the weapon he had if he chose to when he realized his life was under threat in self-defense”, he stated.

He disclosed that Captain Maxwell Mahama is a battle-tested soldier who is trained to kill but chose the country over galamsey indicating that the life of a soldier must be respected.

While expressing worry over the manner in which he was killed and humiliated by being stripped naked and burnt, he disclosed that military officers across the country are not happy over the incident.




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August 26, 2020


August 26, 2020

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