Akufo-Addo's boy describes EWES as Ingrates

June 14, 2017

Darling boy of Aufo-Addo, Kwame Asare Obeng also known as A-Plus, who claims to be a musician, has taken to his facebook to insult ewes as ingrates.

Mr. Obeng who survived on handouts from President Akufo-Addo, have been very rude on facebook and is mostly urged on by members of the ruling NPP, he insults anyone who disagrees with him on his wall, he even go as far as blocking people who exposes his ignorance, one facebooker named him ‘’Ghana’s most intolerant’’ for not tolerating other views.

Recently he took to Facebook to start an unwarranted attack on award winning rapper Manifest, describing the multi talented artist as a failure just because he has failed to use his degree and masters certificate to make a meaningful carrier but chose to do music.

His attack attracted several condemnation from all over social media, what nailed the barrage of criticism was an article written by Freddy Mawuli Ackumey who goes by the Facebook name Diwo Fie Asem, Mr. Ackumey practically took A-Plus to the cleaners and hanged him dry in a scatting article that exposed A-Plus as a failed young man who have no purpose in life but pretend to be a Musician, an art he can’t boast of any single achievement.


 The article exposed A-Plus as someone who, like many lazy young Ghanaians who have decided to do nothing but feed fat on politicians and the public purse, it further asked A-Plus not to compare himself to Manifest who is a multiple award winning artist both locally and internationally.

The article opened up A-Plus for trolling on social media and led to him responding by insulting ewes as ingrates who lack manners, using all manner of unprintable words on the ewe tribe, this attack angered ewes who took to facebook to have his account reported.

Within 24 hours Facebook pulled down A-Pluses facebook account and asked him to authenticate it, he was unable to do so since Facebook asked him to use a genuine ID to authenticate befsore his account will be restored, so he ended up creating a new account this time using his real name which is Kwame Asare Obeng.

His first post after setting up the new account was to warn ewes not to send him friend request and all those using the image of President Mahama were also warned not to send friend request.




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August 26, 2020

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