Annan Forson’s Petition against TV XYZ Borne out of BITTERNESS

June 14, 2017


Reliable information reaching the New Stateman can confirm that, Tommy Annan Forson’s petition to the NMC against TV XYZ and two other media houses is a payback antic being employed by the broadcaster who was sacked from Radio XYZ for mismanagement and misappropriation of finances. 

Tommy Annan Forson was the General Manager of Radio XYZ but fell out with the owners of the station after he was sacked for financial malfeasance and mismanagement. He virtually run the radio station into the ditch. The radio station had to shut down for months before being revived a few months ago.

An apparently angry Tommy Annan-Forson has since decided to get back at the station for sacking him and one of the ways by which he is getting back at them is his new antic to get the National Media Commission to sanction TV XYZ for broadcasting what he described as ‘pornography’. 

Many television fanatics were surprised to hear about the said petition but these new details emerging suggest that it is more of a personal vendetta against his former employers than a genuine campaign to call for a streamlining of content carried in the media.

Some people have also questioned the exclusion of some Multimedia platforms such as Adom TV that also shows hard-core pornography.

The New Stateman continues to follow this story and will reveal further details as and when they become available…..….. 

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August 26, 2020


August 26, 2020

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