Tamale Mayor Vows to Clear "Foreigners" Street Hawkers

June 24, 2017


The recently appointed Mayor of Tamale Mr Musah Superior has issued a stern edict to the hawking public of Tamale that he will use force to remove them from the streets.

This follows an earlier action by the Task Force of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly to remove the hawkers. Soon after their removal the hawkers have returned to the streets doing brisk business.

But the dictatorial Mayor has issued a stern warning to them that he will "lead the security forces to clear the streets of foreigners". This has raised an atmosphere of tension in Tamale as many traders fear that their places of business will be forcibly taken under the pretext of they being foreigners.

Mr Superior has indicated that his action is based on xenophobia. He therefore vows to use force to correct what he called the encroachment of foreigners.

Describing the hawkers in harshly derogatory terms, Musah Superior warned that he would not tolerate the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly Task Force who he claimed undermine his authority.

Our reporter in Tamale has indicated that citizens in the city are anxious about what the mayor is going to do. Those spoken to have expressed fear that their human rights will be abused without recourse to law. There is also a palpable general sense of apprehension amongst the people of Tamale following the comments of Mr Superior.

For now whereas a few brave citizens have indicated that they will stand up to him many are concerned that the likely tension will destabilise their lives. 

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August 26, 2020

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