SO Klin being used as pesticides by farmers as Agric Ministry Sleeps

July 13, 2017


So klin ,a detergent meant for washing of clothes has turned out to be the saviour of farmers in the Sissala East District of the Upper West Region as the pesticide is currently being used in the fight against the fall of army worms that has destroyed over 20,000 hectors of farms nationwide , some farmers have claimed in the Sissala East district.

Desperate situations they say requires desperate measures. That is the situation some farmers find themselves in, in their quest to conquer the invading fall of army worm currently enlargening on their farms. 


A NADMO official had reported to the Sissala East assembly during a meeting, that some of the farmers have come to report of fresh attack on their farms.

According to RadfordFM investigations, the use of the So klin powdered soap which is manufactured outside of Ghana it's said to have started in Tamale in Northern region where a farmer bought a sachets of the So klin to wash his knapsack sprayer ,he rinsed and poured it on his crops and all he realised was that the worms on the crops died instantly,convinced by the reaction,he mixed the substance and sprayed the whole farm and the pest never showed up .Stocks of so klin soap have run out from most shops in Tumu town. 


Some farmers have attempted comparing the government pesticide meant to fight the fall army worm to so klin.The ministry of agriculture must investigate this issue in order to see where we are heading with this soap turned pesticides. 

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August 26, 2020


August 26, 2020

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