EDITORIAL : Akufo-Addo's Presidency, a boon to Lawlessness

October 27, 2017


For the umpteenth time, the Ghana Palaver is compelled to rail against yet another act of lawlessness by goons of the New Patriotic Party. Last Tuesday, some youth of the NPP in the Karaga Constituency in the Northern Region went on rampage, attacked the office of the DCE for the area, vandalised military equipment and finally launched an assault on a Police station to free their colleagues who had been arrested earlier for similar conduct.

Earlier, some NPP youth calling themselves Burma Camp boys, attacked operators of the school feeding programme in Tamale and demanded to be made the appointing authority of who should be given what under the programme.

These attacks have gone unpunished and not a whimper has been heard from government or the President. Never has lawlessness and violent conduct so thrived in our recent history. Today it has become a rewarding venture to take the law into your hands and engage in any unlawful act in the name of party vigilantism.

Our country has essentially become a banana republic with a President who is frozen into inaction because he has neither the moral authority nor the desire to end the spate of lawlessness we have witnessed since he assumed that high office.

This complete abdication of responsibility by President Akufo Addo has given scope for the perpetration of more acts of lawlessness by groups working under the direct supervision of his party, the NPP.
We as a people cannot feign innocence at the spiralling violence. Akufo Addo and his party had given more than ample notice in opposition that violence was their way of life and their preferred method for dispute resolution. 


On more than a dozen occasions, outright violence broke at either their National Headquarters here in Accra or elsewhere. Deaths and injuries were recorded.
In all that Akufo Addo did not show any leadership and failed to put an end to the acts of lawlessness raging in his party. When questioned, we were told that he was not the leader of the party and hence could not take any action against the miscreants unleashing the violence on their own members. 

This was in spite of it being an open secret that as flagbearer, he was the most powerful person in that party and his word was virtually law. If he really wished to end the violence he would have acted accordingly. Right there and then, it should have dawned on all of us that he lacked the leadership skills to enforce the law and guarantee the safety of his subjects and that he had an affinity for violence in so far as it would assist him achieve his aim.

It is for that reason that as Commander-in-Chief who has at his disposal the entire state security apparatus, he has not taken the necessary action to stem the rising tide of violence in the country.

As far as we are concerned he cannot be relied upon to do anything about the dastardly activities of his party hoodlums. State institutions like the Police, Military and the Judiciary can also not be relied upon as long as Akufo Addo remains President. The recent Delta Force court fiasco is a case in point.

As for the so-called moral society and the media, the least said about them the better. They could simply not be bothered. We as citizens are therefore very much on our own and the only remedy to the current cancker of militancy and extremism being exhibited by NPP members is for Akufo Addo and his government to be booted out at the earliest opportunity, 2020.

Nothing short of that will result in the restoration of normalcy and the maintenance of peace and tranquillity which we all cherish.

For as long as his Presidency lasts, it will represent an incentive to the militants and extremists in his party to engage in more violence any time they feel like it. 

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August 26, 2020


August 26, 2020

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