Part Two (2): Aide to NPP Constituency Chairman Confirms Chop Chop At National Identification Authority

February 19, 2018



Following last week’s revelations of free cash to NPP foot soldiers at the National Identification Authority (NIA), this news website have chanced upon further evidence that points to the dolling out of Ghana’s money to political hangers-on free of charge for no work done.

In what appears to be a WhatsApp chat on an NPP platform called “GRT AKRA CAUCUS” one SIR ROGERS with telephone number 0240731374 who is number 54 on the NIA recruit list as Rogers Osei Manu confirmed the story and indicated that he is also a beneficiary of the free monthly cash.

When the story was shared on the WhatsApp page, he first responded that “I can see the person who published this information is a stupid person’’
“I am part of this recruits". "And is he also aware of the number of exam we wrote b4 selecting us for the job?’’ He went on to state that "these recruits he is accusing as NPP foot soldiers were called from all over the country for an interview and also wrote two examinations concurrent with oral presentations for the final list and here they are circulating this stupid publication’’.

He went on to post that "if we are NPP foot soldiers, yes, we are also Ghanaians as they use to when they were in government’’.



 Our investigations revealed that Mr. Rogers Osei Manu is actually an aide to the NPP Bia West Constituency Chairman in Western Region.

Another shocking revelation that we uncovered during our investigations revealed that NIA was instructed by flafstaff house to pay each of the 60 foot solders Ghc2,400 but the Executive Secretary told them at a meeting last week that since they are yet to do any real work they are to be paid the Ghc 1,600 in the mean time. This came to light during a meeting between the Executive Secretary and the 60 foot soldiers.


Watch out for the next BOMBSHELL in NIA...

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