Prof. Ahmed Nuhu Zakariah's Continues stay in office as National Ambulance Service Head causing rift within NPP Government

July 10, 2018



There is uneasy tension between some senior government officials and some NPP bigwigs over the continues stay in office of Prof. Ahmad Nuhu Zakariah as the head of the National Ambulance Service.


Since the Akufo-Addo led government assumed power in January 2017, they have meticulously replaced all appointees of the NDC administration, they have even managed to remove 3 of the commissioners of the independent electoral commission, this has led to people within the government asking questions about the continues stay in office of Prof Ahmad Nuhu Zakariah.


Prof. Zakariah who is well a known card bearing member of the NDC and one time contested the parliamentary primaries of the NDC in the Bole Bamboi constituency is said to be in bed with some leading members of the NPP government.


Some angry appointees of President Akufo-Addo are questioning why he is still at post especially with recent revelations of his outfit and then health minister Alban Bagbin buying substandard ambulances for the state.


An angry member of parliament from the NPP on the Health committee of parliament who spoke to us on condition of anonymity revealed of a forensic investigation by EOCO which indicted Prof. Zakariah of several financial malfeasance and procurement breaches as the head of the National Ambulance Service and promised to give us a copy of the EOCO report.


Several attempts to reach the health minister to find out why Prof Zakariah is still at post proved futile as several calls to his phone was not answered

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August 26, 2020

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