Contest As President If You Think Economy Is Hard - Akufo-Addo’s Boy To Ghanaians

September 11, 2018


The heat of the economic hardship continues to hit the people of Ghana in all spheres of life as complains have filled lips from across the country, with supporters of then candidate Akufo-Addo among those complaining of unbearable hardships in the country. 


The expression of these sentiments appear to be rife on social media each passing day. 

However, beneficiaries of the current government of Akufo-Addo whose salaries and allowances are able to cater for their expenditure, are unwavery in their defence of the poor performance of the government. 


In a response to a social media activist, the Chief Executive Officer of Accra Digitally Centre, a facility designed and built by the Mahama administration, sends a rather punchy response to Miss. Arkoful to contest as president if she thinks she could do better as president. 





In her Facebook post Miss Jane-Tiffany Maame Serwaa Arkoful writes, "enough of the let's appreciate who does better arguments... We need record breaking governments, not just trying to be a little better than the worse government". She continued to write "Ghanaians are suffering we need real better, not somewhat better please". 


This post appears to draw the defence chiefs of the government, and in this case, Mr. Kofi Ofosu who happens to be gainfully employed in this edifice established by an administration they so demonized. In his response, Mr. Ofosu writes "Jane-Tiffany Maame Serwaa Arkoful as I told you the last time. You can contest as president if you think you can do better". 


This establishes the failures to admit the mess Ghanaians are going through, and the untold hardship they have been subjugated to by a government that promised heaven when in opposition.

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